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​Friends of Rio Grande del Norte believes that land protection can’t be fully realized without careful and meaningful land stewardship. They strive to facilitate a connection between the local community and the managing and governing agencies of our beloved National Monument. Through outreach, conservation, and access projects, they work to enhance the National Monument and the lives of the people who live, work, and play in the Rio Grande del Norte.

Through their Outdoor Academy, they strive to guide youth into the outdoor recreation industry. Here is what they have planned for this year's academy:

● Introductory Course: 3 days with a professional guide/instructor learning basic and intermediate skills

● Fly tying: 5 session course designed to teach the basics of fly tying

● Guide School: Outdoor Academy will partner with outdoor recreation businesses already offering guide schools. These same businesses will provide a pathway to the industry through internships.

● Specialized qualifications: Students will have the opportunity to achieve CPR/first aid, swift water rescue, and other certifications as needed.

● Outdoor Academy subcontractors will offer internship opportunities for young people who have successfully completed the program providing local, underserved youth with the skills to forge a path in the outdoor recreation industry is the Academy’s goal.

All training will be done out in the field by experienced instructors from NM outfitters.

To apply, click the link below, and to learn more about Friends of RDGN, visit their website here!

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