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In New Mexico, fire season is now a year-round reality in many areas, requiring firefighters and residents to be on heightened alert for the threat of wildfires. The tips provided below are here to help you plan and prepare for a wildfire emergency.


Being “Ready” for wildfire starts with maintaining an adequate defensible space around your home. Clear dry brush and vegetation away from the outside of your home starting in the 5-foot zone and working your way out to the 100–200-foot zone. Without this buffer, the fire will quickly spread through surrounding vegetation to your home. Consider fire resistant landscaping and hardening your home with fire-resistant building materials. Flying embers from a wildfire can destroy homes up to a mile away.


Prepare yourself and your home for the possibility of evacuation BEFORE wildfire arrives. Follow these simple steps to get “Set”:

  • Create a Wildfire Action Plan that includes evacuation planning for your home, family and pets
  • Assemble an Emergency Supply Kit for each person in your household
  • Fill out a Family Communication Plan that includes important evacuation and contact information
  • Stay informed by following local media, local fire alerts, and county emergency notifications.

If there is an active wildfire in your area, be prepared before it’s time to Go!
If time allows, review your Wildfire Action Plan and complete the Pre-Evacuation Preparation Steps in the RSG guide. Load your emergency supply kit and evacuation bags (including pet kits) into your vehicle and park facing the road for a quick exit. You don’t need to wait for an evacuation order. If you feel threatened, then evacuate early. When an evacuation order is issued, there is no time to waste. Ensure your bags and kit are in your vehicle, locate and load your pets, wear clothing that will protect you against heat and flying embers, and GO!

For more information and further details, please visit the .PDF file linked below!

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